Goddess Lakshmi

Only the artists at the High Porcelain workshops are capable of creating the most expressive and masterful depictions in porcelain, elevating a work of art from beautiful to sublime. In the new Goddess Lakshmi, a High Porcelain recreation of the successful limited edition piece sold out in 2009, the splendor of the original sculpture representing the Hindu goddess of wealth, wisdom and beauty, has been enhanced with a much more elaborated decoration, ornamentation and use of color.

All the elements that embellish her are external symbols of her power and inner beauty. The crown over her head, achieved through the application of gold luster, the elaborated and delicate garland of lotus flowers in rich colorful tones, as well as her exquisite clothing, are visual denotations of her divine authority. She is dressed in a striking bright red as a symbol of activity, with beautiful contrasts of gold embroidery, indicating prosperity. The pattern includes details of bird feathers, a common Hindu motif. An intense blue hue has been applied to the sleeves of her robe. In addition to this richness of elegant saturated color, the various tones of gold used in the jewelry, coupled in gloss and matte finishes, provide the piece with myriad nuances.

Adding a higher level of luxury to this special piece, the porcelain sculpture has been complemented, for the first time in a High Porcelain creation, with a real piece of jewelry: a high quality diamond that adorns her nose.

Her four hands represent the four ends of human life (Purusharthas). She is holding lotus
flowers with a ring of petals, sophisticated details that are reminiscent of the depiction of goddesses in Indian prints. Both the lotus flowers in her hands and around her neck embody beauty, purity and fertility. In front of her, a plate with gold coins suggests her blessing with wealth to those who worship her.

The face, one of the most significant parts in Hindu divinities, is extremely outlined to achieve a higher level of realism and expression. She looks calm and loving, full of personal charm and beauty. Her pinkish complexion reflects her compassion for creatures, since she is the mother of them all. She is surrounded by an aura of divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, as well as prosperity.